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We support you on your health journey to a long and healthy life. With the help of our personalised longevity treatments and a holistic analysis of daily habits and health status, we create tailor-made therapy plans with a focus on "well aging". With our treatments, we support our patients in getting the best out of themselves. Together for more power and a whole new attitude to life: anti-ageing starts from within.

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What you don’t measure, you can’t manage

Our services include diagnostic procedures such as extensive DNA tests and analyses, preventive medical & longevity treatments and medical aesthetics applications. Individualised therapy concepts are created by our doctors with the utmost care based on personal test results. We rely exclusively on evidence-based methods that guarantee not only maximum effectiveness but also maximum safety. We are always at the cutting edge of technology and introduce the latest trends in preventive medicine in Vienna.

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Health is the top priority for a happy life: Our aim is to maintain and promote this for as long as possible and to lead patients to an improved attitude to life. Detailed medical histories and diagnostic analyses form the basis for the creation of individual treatment plans. Addressing personal desires and health aspirations remains our foremost commitment. We reinterpret the concept of "practice": We prove that medicine can also take place in a relaxed boutique hotel ambience. We invite everyone to come and focus on the essentials, namely health, and discover our Longevity concepts for themselves.



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